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Weird past couple of days

I sit here in my bedroom, staring at my keyboard.  I know I should be writing my two stories but I am a bit stumped and shocked.  I have been coming down with a cold for the last couple of days and it finally came full on Monday night while I was at work.  No big deal but I felt extremely tired and had problems staying awake.

On Tuesday, my roommate and I took a cat to the vet who was not eating and had to leave her there for a few hours while I took my roommate to the doctor.  Surprisingly, both my roommate and the cat each had x-rays and bloodwork done.  No word yet on my roommate but the cat was filled with gas from breathing through her mouth due to an upper respiratory.

I laid down for a while before going to work and my roommate called me to get up.  My dad has been in a nursing home since the end of January but had been doing okay.  I call my mom every night to see how he is doing and Tuesday night I find out he died between 7pm and 7:30pm Central Time.  I ended up going over to keep her company and my roommate came along.  She finally sends me home and tells me that she is fine.  I worry a good chunk of the night about her.  I called this morning and she is doing fine.  She got all the places she needed to call except the Marine Corp who seem to have a problem.  My brother, who is in the Army is on his way here so he should take care of the military end tomorrow.

I decided to go to the walk-in clinic for my cold this morning and my roommate had some shopping to do so we got in the car and off we went.  On the way to the clinic, the car couldn't shift gears.  We pulled into a side street and stopped the car.  I checked to be sure that I hadn't accidently bumped the gear shift and found everything the way it should be.  Got it back on the road and it happened again.  I immediately took it over to the dealer and they now have the car.  I have a rental because the car seems to have lost the next gear up.  They think a belt inside the transmission went but they have to take the transmission apart to find it.  Thought I was going to be without a car for the rest of the week but the rental is nice.  Just have to pay for insurance and gas.

Finally did get to the walk-in clinic and they said that I just need to keep pushing fluids.  So Monday was bad with coming down with a cold and not having a new episode of Chuck to watch.  Tuesday was bad because my dad died and I slept through the new episode of NCIS.  Today was bad because of the car.  I hope the rest of the week gets better.

Any Airwolf Season 4

Mirnell has been posting different seasons for a couple of tv shows, such as Traders and Due South and I was wondering if any body had Airwolf Season 4 (you know, the USA season with Barry Van Dyke and Gerraint Wyn Davies)?  If you do, I would love to get it.

Thanks to Mirnell for both Traders and Due South Season 4 (I needed it as well).


I sit hear at work and wonder what other people are doing.  Most to all of my friends are sleeping.  I am trying to figure out how to write my chapter to my story and still trying to figure out how to navigate through livejournal.  Greenwoman has helped and I really thank her for it.  I have just made a new friend, Mirnell.  I met her at MediaWest.  I hope to see her again next year.  I would like to meet more people from livejournal and learn more about it in general.  I also have a new fandom, NCIS.  I love Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly as well as David McCullum.  If anyone knows where I can find fic about the show, please send the sites my way.  As always, am looking for fic for the following fandoms:  MacGyver, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Magnificent 7.


New Week

Got free food at work today and a free tote bag for being a new hire at the Library.  Saturday work went well even though one of the student workers was sick.  Went to Sam's club and got seasons 6 and 7 of Star Trek Voyager.  Great price so hopefully will be getting 1 through 5 soon.  Got a chapter of my Ezra ATF TM7 story done.  Hope to have more done soon.


random thoughts

Just thoughts on how my week has gone.  Strange things at work but most have been resolved.  My cat Miko got diagnosed with a heart condition, she starts meds tonight.  Downloading the newest Doctor Who episode and Confidential as I type this.  Hope it finishes what it started last week.  Need help, where or how do I try to add friends.  I found a really good site and would like to make friends with the person but am unsure how to go about it.  Also need help on designing or making my page so others can see it.  Any and all help would be appreciated.
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Added new friends

Hi,  I just added Greenwoman and mjmcca to my friends lists since I know the former and have read the latter's work.  I look forward to seeing them this way and hope to make more friends.




Just wanted to say Hi and maybe meet some new friends.  I am a fan of Torchwood and Stargate Atlantis as well as many other programs.  I am looking forward to meeting others with similar likes.


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